Day Trips near Powell, OH

There’s something wonderful about a day trip. We spend so much time in our home towns that we often forget just how much there is to do in the surrounding areas. Why, just a few hours away are huge historical monuments, beautiful hiking trails, wineries and more. What better way to combat the coming Cabin Fever of winter than getting in the car, and taking a trip? From family fun to romantic getaways, some of the best places Ohio has to offer are just a day trip away. 


Columbus’ Center of Science and Industry is every science lovers dream. Built to engage, inspire, and teach children and adults alike, COSI is a national science center in the heart of Central Ohio. Focusing on a more ‘hands on’ approach, COSI strives to get people interested in science, technology, engineering and math. It features a state of the art planetarium, a theater, events and exhibits. With so much to do, COSI may take more than just one day trip! It truly is a must see for anyone interested in how things work. 

Hocking Hills Winter Hike

If you’ve never been on a winter hike, you’re missing out. There’s something about the brisk air, the silent forest, and the dichotomous scenery of white snow against black rocks and tree trunks that’s unlike any other hike. This rigorous 6 mile hike starts at Old Man’s Cave and goes to Ash Cave and a nearby waterfall. The trail is rugged, but not impossible, the cold sharp but not unbearable. It is a breathtaking experience (not just because it’s partially uphill). The views are stunning, and the untamed wilderness of the Hocking Hills are something to behold. Just be sure to bundle up, dress warm, and break in your boots before the hike. 

Kalahari Resort

And you thought swimsuit season was over! At Kalahari Resort, it’s summer year round. Featuring one of the country’s largest indoor water parks, there are games, slides, rides and more. If water isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of other things to enjoy! There’s mini golf, mini bowling, laser tag, escape rooms, signature restaurants, and more. Paper yourself at the spa, take some time at the fitness center, or partake in happy hour. There’s so much to do, you’ll be sure to come back. 

Hocking Hills Wineries

Hocking Hills isn’t just known for its frigid hike. It also has several lovely wineries! Here you’ll learn that you don’t need to go to Napa Valley for a wonderful wine experience. The Hocking Hills Winery brings you through the entire process, from their tasting room to a winery tour. It also features appetizers and charcuterie. Manchester Hill Winery is a smaller, family owned winery with an intimate tasting room for wines and ciders, and a selection of cheese to pair with. Rockside Winery and Vineyard is perfect for a walk through the vineyard, and their storehouse features such varieties as Cabernet Franc, Vidal Blanc and more. Shade Winery is another classic but with a twist. It often hosts events and musical performances to pair with their delicious wines and appetizers. 

Fort Ancient Earthworks & Nature Preserve

History is the greatest story ever told. There’s a reason some of our favorite books, movies and television shows are based on history. So why not spend a day learning about the history that’s right in your backyard? Prior to colonization, the Native American tribes that lived in what is now Ohio were experts in Earthworks and Mound building. At Fort Ancient, you can learn about the history of those builders, their cultural significance, and more. Featuring a recreated Native American garden and three miles of hiking trails, there’s so much to learn and see. For even more, check out the Miamisburg Mound, one of America’s largest conical mounds. Built hundreds of years ago, it’s certainly a sight to behold. 

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