Living in Powell, Ohio

Living in Powell means living in one of the best cities in Ohio. Considered to be one of the safest cities in Ohio, Powell has a tranquil rural feel within an abundance of beautiful parks. Complemented with the best educational system in the state, and an incredibly diverse economy with a high number of highly educated people. Powell was ... More

Apartment Workout Ideas

Going to the gym can be a daunting experience for a variety of reasons. Maybe you haven’t gone in a while and you’re self-conscious, or maybe you don’t know what you’re doing. Either way, it’s totally understandable if you want to avoid it. But that doesn’t mean that you should avoid exercising. Taking care of yourself is so ... More

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Benefits to Living in Powell

Powell, Ohio is a hidden gem in Delaware County, a beautiful little city brimming with personality and character. This quaint suburb of Columbus is home to over 12,600 people and is one of the best places to live in all of Ohio. It offers the rural feel of a well-loved small town, with the convenience of Columbus just down the road. Powell ... More

Winter Bucket List Items in Powell

It happens every year, and somehow, it feels like no one is ever ready for it. Yes, winter is back, and with it comes the short days, cold nights and general grumpiness. But this year, instead of lamenting the chilly weather, try embracing it! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, there’s an entire song about it! Being cranky about ... More

Day Trips near Powell, OH

There’s something wonderful about a day trip. We spend so much time in our home towns that we often forget just how much there is to do in the surrounding areas. Why, just a few hours away are huge historical monuments, beautiful hiking trails, wineries and more. What better way to combat the coming Cabin Fever of winter than getting in ... More

Fall Activities in Powell Ohio

Fall Activities Near Powell, Ohio

As the days cool down and the nights grow longer, fall is the best time to get out and enjoy everything Powell has to offer. From historical monuments and modern installations, to wineries and axe throwing, there’s something fun for everyone. Rain or shine, indoors or out, you’re sure to find a way to enjoy. So check out our list of ... More

The Best Football Watch Party Dishes

It’s THAT time of year - Football season! Do you know what that means? Watch parties! And you can’t have an official football watch party with your friends or family without snacks. Sometimes picking the right snacks for your gathering can be the hardest part. Will everyone like them? Will they be easy to make? What if they taste bad? We ... More

Powell Ohio Farmers Markets

Farmer’s Markets Near Powell

If you’re looking for a farmers market to head to that’s near your home here at Powell Grand, be sure to check out our list below for some that you shouldn’t miss. With summer coming to an end, that sadly means that outdoor farmers markets will be coming to an end as well. Typically, these outdoor farmers markets run on Saturday ... More

Taco Tuesday Columbus _ Powell Grand

The Best Taco Tuesday Restaurants in Columbus

If you look forward to Tuesday’s because you celebrate #TacoTuesday, then this is the article for you. Below you will find three of the best restaurants you can go to to celebrate Taco Tuesday throughout Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to check all three of them out to figure out which one is your ultimate favorite!  Local Cantina Local ... More

A Day at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

If you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekends with your friends or family, the zoo is always a great option. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is one of the largest zoos in the entire world. This zoo is a great experience for individuals of all ages. With over 7,000 animals and over 800 different types of species, you won’t ... More