Best Pizza Places to Try in Powell, OH

Whether or not you hail from New York City or Chicago, you probably have some pretty strong preferences when it comes to your pizza. While we might all have our differences when it comes to whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza or if you should fold your slice to eat it, we can all come together and agree that pizza is one of the most delicious meals.

Everyone has their favorite type of pizza and favorite place to order form. If you’re in the Powell, Ohio area and are looking to try out some of the best pizza places in the area, be sure to check out some of these local pizzerias before dialing your local delivery chain.

Massey’s Pizza

Massey’s was rated the number one pizza in the entire Columbus area, so it’s definitely at the top of our list! They are known for their pepperoni pizzas, but have a wide variety of pies for any palette.

The restaurant first opened up in 1949 in Whitehall, Ohio, but has since moved to its new home in Powell. Massey’s Pizza is dedicated to their customers, which is what they believe has helped them perfect all of their flavors. If you’re looking for the “Perfect Pizza Taste”, try out Massey’s!

Brooklyn Pizza Powell

This is the perfect place to try out if you’re a fan of New York-style pizza. Brooklyn Pizza Powell claims that their pizza is so authentic, it’s like they brought the east coast to you!

If you decide to try out Brooklyn Pizza Powell, keep in mind that their tiny shop only has a couple tables. They are a carry-out restaurant, and do not offer delivery, so keep that in mind when planning a trip to Brooklyn Pizza. Call your order in ahead and plan on picking it up within 20 minutes!

Carlucci’s Pizzeria

Carlucci’s Pizzeria is the pizzeria for all of you looking for a “mom-and-pop-style” restaurant. The pizzeria has been local to Powell for over 15 years, and is dedicated to serving the freshest, most delicious food. Their dough is prepared from scratch every morning, meats are sliced daily and even the sausage is cooked in an on-site stone-deck oven!

They don’t skimp on perfection for speed, so Carlucci’s is not one of the quickest pizza places around. You’ll understand why they take the extra steps when you bite into one of their perfectly crispy crusts, though!

Shorty’s Pizza and Growl

This restaurant has a fun play-on-words name and a multitude of options. Though they pride themselves on their wide variety of beer and wine pairings, Shorty’s Pizza and Growl is a family-friendly restaurant with plenty of kid-friendly options to eat, drink, and watch.

Shorty’s has many pre-made pizza options such as buffalo chicken pizza, taco pizza and chicken alfredo pizza, but also lets you have the option to build your own pizza. Whether you like plain cheese pizza or switching up your crazy combinations every time, Shorty’s has the perfect pizza for you.

Is your mouth watering yet? We bet it is! With all these pizza options all in Powell, your only problem now is picking one to try first!

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